Memorial Balloon Lands in Participants Yard

BaloonFindOne of our own participants found a memorial balloon in her yard a few days ago. Quite the coincidence. Thanks for sharing, Susie!

“As you watch the balloons
disappear out of site,
feel the balloons lifting away the problems, the pain and the unwanted emotions.
Let the old memories be cast
into the air.
A secret message of hope and renewal will be heard by the wind.”

Kirsti A. Dyer

Calling all craft beer lovers!

October 7-10th Perennial Artisan Ales in St. Louis will be donating 20% of their beer sales to the STL Cure Sarcoma 6k! Please be sure to stop by & try their tasty┬ásmall-batch beers (and thank them!). Drinking beer for a good cause? What more reason do you need? We’d like to thank Perennial for their strong support of our cause this year!!!

Sarcoma Fundraiser